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Introducing Metacloud

We’re releasing Metacloud — a managed AI Platform that offers the ability to bring your own compute and storage, with native integrations to cloud providers and leading OEMs. By developers, for developers.


Much like our customers, there is one thing that drives, and that is to solve complex problems for our users that will improve their day-to-day tasks. Our customers have always informed our product decisions, ensuring that remains a product by data scientists, for data scientists. This developer centered approach has allowed us to provide them new ways to improve bottlenecks, and boost performance. We want to enable AI developers to focus their time on what brings them joy, and what drives their company forward – delivering high impact AI.

Over the last few years, has grown its product capabilities enormously, rich with features that make machine learning work much more seamless for AI developers. We’ve developed a full stack operating system for machine learning and AI that enables developers to research and experiment freely, and build ML pipelines with a few clicks. And today, we are making that much easier to access, and offering AI developers the ultimate freedom to explore AI.

A seamless AI developer experience

With Metacloud, we want to make it fast and easy to deliver AI applications. We know that data scientists are still expected to do the heavy lifting of infrastructure maintenance, navigate Kubernetes complexity, and connecting data. We want to ensure that data scientists are spending as much time as possible on data science tasks. Metacloud is all about doing the heavy lifting for you. It’s built with a simple user experience that makes it fast and easy to get started. Metacloud is a managed service that offers everything a data scientist and developer needs to build and deploy AI – without any of the heavy lifting. The Metacloud eliminates unnecessary lag, and disruptions to our users’ otherwise seamless workflow. 

As a Metacloud user you will automatically receive a production-grade application maintained by us, with the ability to keep your data and workloads in your own organization network. Metacloud was designed with maximum security requirements for large enterprises and customers. In other words, will keep your data, workloads and models secured and private in your organization account, and does not leave the customers’ environment so you have complete control of your data. 

Not only does Metacloud give you complete control over your data, it also gives you complete control over the compute you use. Metacloud is the first ML platform to offer flexibility and choice over what infrastructure to use for your AI workloads. Users can bring their own compute whether it be on-premise, cloud, multi cloud, hybrid cloud, AI accelerators and more. The choice is yours, without limitations. 

Choose the best infrastructure for the job in the infra marketplace

This release is not only about delivering a managed full stack operating system for machine learning. We want to empower our users with full flexibility to use the infrastructure and tools that they want, all from one place. 

Many AI projects are stalled due to the inability of the existing IT infrastructure (either in the cloud or on-prem) to meet the growing demands of AI workloads. AI developers are often locked-in to one infrastructure architecture, giving them little flexibility to try new and exciting ML/AI infrastructure options. In order to experiment with new environments, data scientists need to re-instrument a completely new stack which might take months to set up. AI developers need the ability to choose the best of breed compute and cloud solution for each workload, based on each architecture’s cost/performance trade-offs, instantly, without the burden of a long term commercial commitment. Metacloud will be the first machine learning platform to integrate infrastructure as a service for AI workloads. The Metacloud will enable AI developers full flexibility, to run AI/ML workloads on a mix of infrastructure and hardware choices, even within the same AI/ML workflow or pipeline. We’re making this possible by delivering access to compute and storage providers like Intel, AWS, Azure, GCP, Dell, Redhat, VMWare, Seagate and more in one click. We also support users to bring their own compute and storage, so they can continue to use the infrastructure that enables them to deliver ML models. Metacloud offers AI developers full flexibility to leverage the infrastructure that is best for the job you are performing – no matter what your organization is using. You’re no longer bound to a single cloud, multi-cloud or even hybrid-cloud provider. You now have the option to envision your own unlimited AI cloud with newly announced, pre-production and cutting-edge technologies. 

Do more of the work you love

We worked hard to disrupt today’s data science workflow by delivering a seamless user experience that minimizes technical complexity, and allows AI developers to do what they do best – build high impact models. Now any developer can get the full power of operating system for machine learning in just a few steps. 

Anyone can sign up for early access to the Metacloud and feel the real impact of seamless data science. Not only that, but is offering $120 worth of free resources for your AI workloads to start. 

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