Organize data science from research to production

  • End-to-end
    Manage the full data science process all the way from business understanding to deployment
  • Standardize
    Make your data science scalable with standardized workflows instead of closed silos
  • Collaborate
    Unify data science teams with a clear and collaborative management environment


Store, manage and track models and experiments

  • Real-time visualization
    Visually track models as they run with automatic charts, graphs and more, and easily share with your team
  • Model repository
    Store models and meta-data, including parameters, code version, metrics and artifacts
  • 100% reproducible
    Track changes and automatically record code and parameters for easily reproducible data science


Instantly deploy AI models to production

  • Production ready
    Deploy your models at hyperspeed with autoscale and advanced built in monitoring capabilities
  • Model health alert
    Track models in real time and receive alerts when model is in poor health
  • Model command
    Retain control of your model from research to deployment without contacting IT
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Build production ready machine learning pipelines in a few clicks

  • Drag & drop 
    Build ML pipelines with beautiful and easy to understand visuals
  • Rapid experimentation
    Automatically optimize to your data with built in hyperparameter search capabilities
  • Share & re-use
    Create pipelines and share with your organization for easy reuse of algorithms & recipes


Store and manage your machine learning datasets

  • Easy access 
    Access all of your teams data in one central hub
  • Support all data types
    Import data in any format and integrate it into any experiment or analysis session
  • Machine learning ready
    Manage datasets with tagging, automated versioning and querying capabilities