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About mlcon

mlcon is a hybrid conference, building a community of over 13k AI & ML developers that have participated since the first mlcon which was held in 2021. 

With the rapid emergence of generative AI technology, LLMs, and the continued maturity of AI in production, mlcon is the central meeting place for AI professionals and developers to learn pro tips, proven strategies and lessons learned from industry leaders. Learn best practices and strategies for bringing generative AI to production, optimizing your AI infrastructure and how to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving field of AI.

At mlcon, AI leaders come together to foster a community around the most advanced AI practices, breaking down silos to openly share successes, failures, and lessons learned. Through collaboration, we ensure collective progress and development.
Together, we pave the way for a brighter future in AI innovation and advancement.

Get to know our speakers!

Sessions from industry leading AI experts

Join Us for an Exclusive AI Experience in San Jose!

June 6, 2024 | 08:30 - 14:00

Glass House, San Jose, California.

Get ready for a dynamic and immersive experience where you’ll have the opportunity to engage with top speakers in AI and ML, participate in interactive activities, and network with industry leaders.

Here's what you can expect:

Engaging AI Activities: Dive into hands-on AI activities designed to stimulate your curiosity and expand your knowledge.
Top Speakers on AI and ML: Gain insights from leading experts who will share their expertise and perspectives on the latest trends and advancements in AI and ML.
Networking with Industry Leaders: Connect with top professionals and thought leaders in the AI community, forging valuable connections and collaborations.

Our event is focused on meaningful engagement and actionable insights – We can’t wait to welcome you to this exclusive AI experience in San Jose!

See what the community says about mlcon

Unlike any other ML community conferences

Incredible overview of the state of work and tooling in ML IRL, from wiring up a GPU- centric datacenter to using low/no-code platforms and everything in between.
It brings together a vast group of professionals within the Al/ ML space. Its amazing to see what others are working on and how Ai incorporate that into my work.
mlcon 2.0 was synonymous to what a quality summit should be.
Loved the practical use cases from various domains. Much better than the usual theoretical discussions.
The best thing about this conference for me is to have assembled this great army of superb experts. Is there a chance that you will repeat this totally fantastic feast in the near future?
It catered to anyone and everyone, whether old or new to data analytics field.
Aesthetically pleasing, content relevant, smooth flow.

First mlcon?

Here are some FAQ's

Is there a cost to attend mlcon?
mlcon is a free virtual community event for AI and ML developers. We want this to be free and accessible for the community to discuss your ML projects and collaborate on applied AI.
Who organizes mlcon?
mlcon is organized by, an intel company, a full stack machine learning operating system built by developers, for developers to give teams everything they need to manage, build and deploy AI on any infrastructure whether on premise or cloud. Learn more at
Who is mlcon for?
mlcon is best for individuals and teams interested in implementing AI into their workflow. There are sessions for all levels and expertise, whether you are an expert or beginner data scientist, executive, ML/data engineer, software developer, analyst and more! We have sessions that will cover all industries and various applications of AI from novice to expert.
What topics will be covered at mlcon?
Selected AI experts will share their use cases, lessons learned, pro tips, and proven strategies that have helped you actualize AI. Main topics: 1. Interesting applications or successful AI projects you've run (Recommendation Systems, Computer Vision, Speech Recognition, Transfer Learning etc) 2. Lessons learned or best practices on a specific topic (Research, Experiments, Deployments, Operationalization etc) 3. Production ML: Implementation, Tooling & Engineering, MLOps/ModelOps 4. Research topics you've worked on or are working on 5. Business strategies, such as management and sharing ROI to business stakeholders
Will sessions be available after the conference is over?
Yes. All sessions will be recorded and available on our website soon after the conference is over.
I’m having trouble watching the livestream. What should I do?
We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox as the preferred browser for a seamless viewing experience.
How can I reach the conference organizers?
Please email and our team will be in touch with you shortly.