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Everything you need to build AI

on any infrastructure

AWS Kubernetes GCP Dell Azure

A Full Stack Machine Learning Operating System

Choose the best ML infrastructure for the job on demand

  • Run ML jobs where you can do them cheaper and faster.
  • Mix and match infrastructure to your single end to end flow.
  • Maximize workload performance and speed with the agility to run on any compute and storage.
  • Connect your storage and compute to launch any AI workload on demand.

Leverage your entire AI ecosystem from one launch pad

  • Unify code, projects, models, repositories, compute, and storage all from one place.
  • Gain control & visibility across all ML runs to improve utilization.
  • Aggregate all your compute resources and leverage the best for the job.
  • Orchestrate disparate AI infrastructures from one control panel.
  • Explore freely with automated heterogeneous compute pipelines.
  • Leverage your on premise and cloud resources with native Kubernetes cluster orchestration and meta-scheduler.

Deliver faster AI applications and results

  • Managed environment so you can focus on your AI workflow without technical complexity.
  • Instantly build and deploy automated ML pipelines with any AI stack.
  • Simplify engineering heavy tasks with MLOps and a container-based infrastructure.
  • Seamlessly deploy and monitor your ML to any environment.
  • Integrates into your IT stack in a few clicks.
“As with many data science professionals,our team is hard to please. They want to flexibility to use any language, and the ability to write their own custom packages to improve performance, set configurations, etc. With, this is the first time I’ve heard our data scientists and analysts say ‘when can we have it’.”
Alexander Ryabov
Head of Data services & business intelligence at
“Working in a hybrid cloud environment has major advantages but can be increasingly complex to manage, especially for AI workloads. has the potential to enable us to operate in a hybrid cloud environment seamlessly. The new ML infrastructure dashboard could fill a major need in connecting our infrastructure to ML projects. It provides visibility into our on-prem GPU clusters and cloud resources, paving the way for increasing the utilization and ROI of our GPUs’.”
Bruce King
Data science technologist at Seagate Technology advanced analytics group
“Lightricks is a research-driven company, which is why we’ve built a team with some of the top computer vision researchers in the country. ensures our highly qualified researchers are focused on building the industry-leading AI technology that we are now world renown for, instead of spending time on engineering, configuration and DevOps.”
Ofir Bibi
Head of Research at Lightricks

Scalable MLOps Solution bundled with Lenovo ThinkSystem AI-Ready servers creates a managed, coordinated and easy solution to consume ML infrastructures
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Two year winner of AI Breakthrough Awards

MLOps platform of the year 2022


Best Machine Learning Company 2021


By data scientists. For data scientists was built by data scientists, for data scientists to streamline the machine learning process, so they can focus less on grunt work and more on the real magic – algorithms.

Hybrid & Multi Cloud

Leverage your on premise and cloud resources with native Kubernetes cluster orchestration and meta-scheduler


Enterprise-ready ML, built for rapid experimentation, reusable ML components, and production-ready infrastructure


Unify data science teams with a clear and collaborative management environment. Build a repository of ML components for easy reproducibility.

End to End

Automate, track and monitor your ML workflow from research to production


Use any language, AI framework, and compute environment. Integrate and version any kind of data to reuse in any project, experiment, and/or notebook


Use any development environment like JupyterLab, RStudio, and more with pre-installed dependencies and version control