Churn Prediction

Use machine learning algorithms to analyze real time consumer or user behavior for customized customer insight, and install models that continuously enhance predictions about customer churn

Image Classification

Leverage visual data with applications such as scene analysis, disease detection, face recognition, object detection and identification to detect patterns and generate predictions. Use state-of-the-art Deep Learning and Computer Vision algorithms to get top performing results

Custom AutoML

Build your own AutoML solution for your organization. Design production ready machine learning pipelines that are easily customizable and will automatically optimize to any data and objective

Text Analysis & Natural Language Understanding

Natural language processing models help you organize and structure knowledge, and sift through exorbitant amounts of text to generate meaning, produce content, or automatically summarize

Recommendation Engine

Ensure you make the right offer combining all digital and analogue interactions and data of similar customers to retain and upgrade customers with personalized recommendations

Reinforcement Learning

Use advanced reinforcement learning and deep reinforcement learning algorithms in production. Get full monitoring and performance tracking capabilities and solve real business problems

Data Management

Connect your data and quickly apply machine learning and data science techniques to enhance datasets with advanced insights, hidden patterns and more. Automate the process and apply it to any dataset in a single click.

Speech Recognition

Enable communications between human and machine breaking the boundaries of speech enabling applications to understand and recognize different languages, accents, and voice characteristics

Fraud Detection

Use data science to minimize financial losses by uncovering emerging patterns to prevent fraud and autonomously alert at any hint of fraud