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Machine Learning In The Insurance Industry

Overhauling the insurance industry with cutting edge machine learning technology

In an industry dealing with cyber threats, unstable markets, political uncertainty, and the constant pressure to stay profitable, data is the key to success. Implementing machine learning is pivotal in order to stay on top of the game in the 21st century. Improve profitability with AI solutions that add value to your solution and improve customer experience. 


Fraud detection

Minimize fraud with Machine learning algorithms that use statistical models to detect suspicious activity and possible fraud attempts. With ever-changing fraud methods, ML can help companies quickly adjust to new forms of threat. Let your models be in constant surveillance for fraudulent claims and constantly improve accuracy.

Churn prediction

Reduce churn of good customers using models that identify risk of leaving. ML insights can be used to generate better service offers, suggest renewal pricing for an increased renewal rate, and reduction in cancelations.

Risk Assessment

Minimize exposure to risk with ML models that can accurately assess pure and speculative risks. Insurers have been calculating risks for centuries, and with the adoption of machine learning have the ability to quickly and more accurately measure risk.

Claims prediction

Claims prediction is very powerful for insurers in order to avert losses and increase profitability. Using machine learning, agents can automate claims prediction calculations and improve over time. The algorithms predicting claims shape premiums and pricing models, keeping the organization profitable and competitive.