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Machine Learning In Aerospace And Defense

Driving innovation and staying ahead of the pack through data in the security frontier

In a heavily regulated, slow to change industry, adopting machine learning technologies can be the key to staying ahead of the competition and making the most of your resources. Uncertain economic markets and public trust issues only accentuate the need for optimal safety, performance, and surveillance. With increasing cyberspace and intelligence concerns, machine learning must move quickly to advance systems of defense across all platforms. 


Preventative maintenance

Sensor data can be efficiently analyzed by machine learning models during production and in functioning aircraft and weapon systems to detect anomalies, predict breakdowns and alert for replacements and maintenance. Prevent disastrous accidents and increasing safety, quality, and uptime resulting in overall cost savings. Predictive maintenance is proven to reduce risk of defective parts and increase quality, while functioning systems enjoy greater reliability and predictability, due to faster identification and reporting of potential failures.

Intelligence and Surveillance

Extract valuable intelligence with the power of computer vision, and image recognition. Increase surveillance with industry level facial recognition applications and automatic identification systems. Save costs on manual surveillance with predictive computer vision surveillance that alert to suspicious activity.


Cyber Security

Massively reduce cyber security risk with preventative AI models that predict abstructions of confidential information. Build models that monitor and classify suspicious network activities to detect intrusions on sensitive information - improving accuracy over time.


Accelerate research and development of new technologies with AI software testing that enables fast iteration and predictive design recommendations. Automate testing cycles with intelligence software.

Combat Systems

Drastically improve decision making capabilities with real-time ML recommendations based on historical and current data. Monitor for threats and improve situational awareness with AI powered UAVs to improve safety of defense personnel and to protect bases.