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Machine Learning for Finance and Banking

Unlock the power of AI as an engine of growth, and efficiency to eliminate risk, enhance and personalize financial services


Leverage consumer behavior data to provide better financial services and mitigate risk.  asset management, trading, risk management, consumer and market behavior, and other financial services. Significantly accelerate the transaction process efficiencies by automating routine financial processes and reducing the need for manual intervention.


Regulatory reporting automation

Stay on top of regulation reporting with machine learning automation. Successfully automate and conform to regulations, laws and supervisory expectations, using machines to perform time-consuming tasks faster and with less risk of non-compliance.

Risk Analysis

Remediate risk and detect anomalies before they happen. Leverage ML to monitor trading data, ATM fraud detection, cyber attacks, money laundering and other irregular financial patterns that may be due to fraud. Offer more advanced recommendations for lending and credit to minimize risk exposure and maximize profit.

Customer experience

Retain customers with enhanced customer experience solutions. Leverage customer data, preferences and behavior to yield custom recommendations and personalized features. Build advanced churn prediction models to identify behavior patterns typical of customers so you can proactively take action to retain the customer.

Investment analysis

Maximize returns with machine learning insights based on market signals and market behavior data points. Evaluate market trends and recognize investment patterns with advanced ML models. Generate more precise recommendations with more accuracy using machine learning models.

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Fraud detection

Fraud and theft are major pains for Finance and banking. Train models to identify suspicious behaviors, abnormalities and extraordinary events to be flagged for suspected illegal activity, at a much higher success rate and lower cost.

Process Automation

Reduce time spent on manual, and labor intensive tasks. Leverage advanced text recognition and NLP to improve and accelerate archaic tasks in finance and banking. Adopt cutting edge technology before the market, with faster AI development from research to production.

Algorithmic trading

Leverage the advantages of computer power for accelerated and optimized trading systems. Build intelligent algorithmic trading models that accelerates data processing and frequency of trading for more real-time delivery, and adapts to market changes.