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Webinar: How to better manage your data science team’s workflow
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This workshop will give you the proper tools and tactics to manage the entire lifecycle of your machine learning projects, from research to exploration to development and production. Yochay will go over the different roles and responsibilities of a data science team and how to better collaborate on machine learning projects. You’ll learn to manage models, bridge between science and engineering, and save time with reproducible results. In addition, you’ll leave with the tools to more effectively communicate results to your business unit. 

Online Workshop: How to set up Kubernetes for all your machine learning workflows
Download the recording, slides and code

Join CTO of cnvrg.io Leah Kolben in a live workshop.  Leah will walk you through each step to set up your Kubernetes cluster, so you can run Spark, TensorFlow, and any ML framework instantly. She’ll touch on the entire machine learning pipeline from model training to model deployment. As a bonus, you will also get pre-configured YAML files to launch your own end-to-end machine learning on a Kubernetes cluster.

Webinar: How to use continual learning in your ML models
Download the recording, slides and code

In this webinar, data science expert and CEO of cnvrg.io Yochay Ettun discusses continual learning in production. This webinar examines continual learning, and will help you apply continual learning into your production models using tools like Tensorflow, Kubernetes, and cnvrg.io. This webinar for professional data scientists will go over how to monitor models when in production, and how to set up automatically adaptive machine learning.

Webinar: Build your own AutoML computer vision pipeline
Download the recording, slides and code

In this webinar, data science expert Yochay Ettun will present a step-by-step use case so you can build your own AutoML computer vision pipelines. Yochay will go through the essentials for research, deployment and training using Keras, PyTorch and TensorFlow. He’ll provide an overview of infrastructure and MLOps using Docker, Kubernetes and elastic cloud services. This webinar will enable you to build your own custom AutoML computer vision pipeline and help your business apply machine learning on more use-cases, problems and projects. The aim of this webinar is to democratize machine learning so software developers, engineers, and data scientists can feel confident building a computer vision pipeline.

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