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Sentiment Analysis Workshops

Hands-On Workshop

Build Your Own Sentiment Analysis System

June 1st 2022, Wednesday@ 11am - 1pm ET (8am - 10am PT)

*Limited spots available

Sentiment analysis and emotion detection can help businesses understand what their customers are thinking about them or their product and quickly address negative reviews.

Get certified in building your own sentiment analysis application. In this hands-on 2 hour workshop, you will learn to enhance any application with sentiment analysis easily with AI Blueprints. We’ll introduce you to sentiment analysis, and ways that it can improve your business using your data. When you leave this workshop, you’ll have built a system that can analyze social media feeds and tell you whether a message is positive or negative without ever having to train a model. You will also learn how to apply sentiment analysis for your own business use case, for example, to understand brand perception for retail and ecommerce, improve patient care by analyzing patient reviews or online ranking sites, prioritize customer service tasks by quickly addressing unhappy customers and more. In this workshop you will build a sentiment analysis system alongside the instructor, get hands on support and earn a certificate for building sentiment analysis systems.

  • How to build and deploy an end-to-end sentiment analysis system
  • How to connect your Twitter data to AI blueprints for sentiment analysis
  • What are different sentiment analysis use cases that you can apply to help your business
  • How to analyze social media feeds for positive or negative sentiment
  • How to analyze sentiment for your brand to improve your retail or ecommerce businesses
  • How to apply sentiment analysis to your specific use case
  • A ready-to-use ML application that can be deployed to solve a real business problem
  • Hands-on support from expert AI instructors every step of the way
  • Anyone that completes this course will earn a Sentiment Analysis Certificate and badge that can be shared on Linkedin, Twitter, and other social media platforms
  • A software developer, domain specific business user, or analyst with some programming/scripting background
  • You should have familiarity with Python and REST APIs
  • No experience creating models necessary
  • The latest version of Zoom
  • Twitter account credentials (optional)

If you want to get the most out of the workshop and be able to show your colleagues your work afterwards, you should bring your Twitter account credentials, to connect in real-time to twitter and pull updated information.

  • If you don’t have data, we will provide sample data for you to use for the workshop