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Workshop: Getting started with data science platform

Download a recording and access the free trial! is used across industries to help enterprises accelerate AI from research to production by simplifying DevOps and dependencies involved in building production-ready ML.

Whether you’ve just begun the free trial, you’re a new user, or you’re interested in looking deeper into features, we invite you to join us in a live workshop on how to get started using

Join CEO, Yochay Ettun, as he walks you through the main components of the platform so you can begin rapid experimentation, building ML pipelines, and deploying your models to production in one click. Key webinar takeaways: 

  • How to get started & add an organization
  • Install in your own environment
  • Connect your own data sources
  • Run ML experiments at scale 
  • Build production-ready ML pipelines
  • Leverage meta-scheduler to utilize resources
  • Deploy to REST API in one click