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Machine Learning For The Gaming Industry

Unlock the power of AI to optimize monetization, reduce churn and personalize in-game experiences by bringing more models to production in real-time


 Fierce competition, a constant need to innovate and player acquisition and retention, are just some of the challenges the gaming industry deals with. Accelerate game development, increase engagement and predict churn with advanced machine learning solutions. Increase ROI of ML with scalable machine learning in production. is proven to solve MLOps for real-time models at scale that are critical to in-game AI. Build a dynamic gameplay experience, with personalized price offers to reduce churn, increase monetization and enhance player experience with real-time production machine learning at scale.

“ is extremely beneficial to our AI operations, providing us a single platform from experimentation all the way through production, and they're able to help us on all those levels.”
Avi Gabay
Director of Architecture at Playtika


Optimize monetization

Personalize offers in real time that convert and increase player retention with machine learning. Predict peak purchase moments based on behavior, demographic profile and purchase history. Generate hyper targeted ads with personalized offers with production ready machine learning.

Reduce player churn

Leverage your endless player behavior analysis to better predict churn. Create a personalized player experience that keeps your players happy and engaged at the right moments.

Boost End-User experience

Transform player experience with a dynamic and unique gameplay environment. Use machine learning to render objects and environments resulting in competitively unbeatable games. Boost player retention with personalized gameplay, and generate increased engagement with highly responsive and unique non-player characters.

Improve Game development

Accelerate game development by automating repetitive tasks and allowing games to improve over time. Improve and direct content with data based insights.

Personalized Purchase Offer

Deliver real-time recommendation systems that offer optimized purchase offers based on player in-game behavior. Use machine learning to extend player engagement and automatically reach players with predictive churn analytics, and personalized offers that convert.

Real-time Player Matching

Optimize the social gaming experience with ML technology in real time. Offer the optimal experience for your users with personalized and dynamic player matching to increase competitiveness. Automatically orchestrate player matching in real time with zero player downtime or waiting.