Lenovo cnvrg.io End to End AI Platform

Scalable MLOps Automation from Research to Production on Lenovo AI Servers

cnvrg.io and Lenovo Unified Solution for MLOps

The cnvrg.io platform, running on Lenovo ThinkSystem AI-Ready servers provides enterprises with a unified environment to build, deploy and manage machine learning workloads, develop and innovate new models, or deploy and monitor models on top of the Lenovo AI purpose built solutions and products. cnvrg.io supports data scientists at every stage of the AI lifecycle, delivering solutions to enhance research through to production.

Leading Enterprise AI with cnvrg.io and Lenovo

Accelerate Development, and Deploy ML to Production at Scale

The cnvrg.io platform, running on Lenovo ThinkSystem AI-Ready servers provides data scientists with accelerated project execution from research, to training, to production. cnvrg.io enables enterprises to easily manage and scale ML in any environment. Data scientists can run ML pipelines on diverse workloads to achieve maximum performance and accelerate time to production.

Realize AI-Driven Results Fast with Out-of-the-Box Productivity

In one unified solution, data scientists can easily manage, experiment, track, version and deploy models in one click. It’s designed to be agnostic, portable, and solves key MLOps challenges to help data scientists deliver more models to production quickly. 

Optimize Server Utilization with Advanced Resource Management

To scale AI, you need to integrate data science workflow within an IT/DevOps approach. The MLOps Dashboard improves visibility of workloads so you can maximize Lenovo server utilization. cnvrg.io MLOps helps streamline AI application delivery, so data science teams and IT can more effectively manage users, workloads, models, datasets, experiments, and more, while speeding continuous application delivery.

Certified and Tested by the Lenovo AI Team

The cnvrg.io data science platform has been tested and optimized to run on Lenovo ThinkSystem AI-Ready servers; both CPU based and GPU based platforms are supported. The integrated solution delivers a proven enterprise-grade ML lifecycle platform that increases data science productivity, accelerates AI workflows, and improves accessibility and utilization of AI infrastructure.



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