Keynote: Building for ML Developers

Yochay Ettun, CEO & Co-Founder,
Leah Kolben, CTO & Co-Founder,

Fireside chat with Intel CTO Greg Lavender

Greg Lavender, Intel CTO
Yochay Ettun, CEO & Co-founder,

Everything is Connected: Deep Learning on Graphs

Petar Veličković, Staff Research Scientist, DeepMind

Applying ML to Advance Diversity and Inclusion in the Workforce

Matthew Yerbury, Global Head of People Analytics Consulting and Data Science, HSBC
Simone Pang, Data Scientist, HSBC

Understand the Impact of AI in a Business

Camila Manera, Manager Data Strategy, Disney

How to become an AI-first Organization with low-code ML

Orly Amsalem, VP of AI innovation & Business Development,
Omri Bitton, Senior Solutions Architect,

Accelerating Transformers Down to 1ms – To Infinity and Beyond!

Jeff Boudier, Product Director, Hugging Face

Beyond Monitoring: Data & ML Observability in Practice

Barr Moses, CEO & Co-founder, Monte Carlo

AI Engineering – Challenges in large scale ML development

Ohad Shitrit, Director of AI Engineering, Mobileye

How Conversational AI is influencing Customer & Employee Experience Transformation

Bala Maddali, Head of Conversational AI Experiences, Verizon

Data integration and AI mining of pooled drug-CRISPR screens identifies novel targets and resistance to cancer treatments

Dimitris Polychronopoulos, Associate Director, Oncology Bioinformatics and Data Science, AstraZeneca
Miika Ahdesmaki, Director, Early Computational Oncology, AstraZeneca

MLOps from Zero

Noah Gift, Founder Pragmatic Labs and Adjunct Professor Duke Data Science

Re-inventing Consumer Packaged Goods Product Development with AI

Kli Pappas, Associate Director of Global Analytics, Colgate-Palmolive

Building an AI-driven Startup

Yuval Avnon
Robin Röhm
Yair Adato
Fabian Rang
Dor Raviv

Seagate’s Smart Manufacturing Optimizes AI Training Cost and Productivity with Habana Gaudi and

Sree Ganesan, Head of Software Products, Habana
Bruce King, Data Science Technologist, Seagate

Metrics Framework for Model Updates in Ad recommender systems

Ashim Datta, EM, Monetization Science and MLE, Pinterest

Scaling up Machine Learning in Instacart Search for the 2020 Surge in Online Shopping

Tejaswi Tenneti, Senior Manager, Algorithms and Machine Learning, Instacart

Catch Me If You Can: Keeping up with ML in Production

Shreya Shankar, PhD Student, UC Berkeley

Estimating Long-term Causal Impact Through Surrogate Approach

Wutao Wei, Data Science Manager, Twitter

Machine Learning for Product Insights

Ron Tidhar, Data Science Tech Lead, Instagram

Applications of Graph Convolutional Networks for fighting financial crimes

Vijay R Sathish, Global Head of Financial Crimes Technology - ML & Analytics at CashApp
Ling Chang, Data Scientist, Block Inc

Measuring Customer Lifetime Value via Machine Learning

Neha Gupta, Sr. Manager ML/DS, Linkedin

Optimizing your on-prem system architecture for AI workloads

Onur Celebioglu, Sr. Director of Engineering, Dell

How to personalise new medicines with ML

Valeria De Luca, Associate Director Data Science, Novartis

Turning GANs into consumer products on mobile devices

Ofir Bibi, VP of Research, Lightricks

Performance of Scalable Pandas in PySpark

Michael Livshutz, Data Quality and Data Governance Analyst, McDonald's

Importance of Machine Learning APIs

Pavlos Mitsoulis, MLOps Engineering Manager, King

Lessons for Machine Learning in Production and AI Trends

David Ellison, Senior AI Data Scientist, Lenovo

From SAS to cnvrg: a Story of Success from Wargaming

Pavel Elkind, MLOps team lead, Wargaming

Sharing is Caring – Kubernetes native fractional GPU allocation

Dmitry Kartsev, Cloud Native Dev Lead,

Text and Code Embeddings

Arvind Neelakan, Research Lead, Open AI