Orly Amsalem, VP of AI innovation & Business Development, cnvrg.io
Omri Bitton, Senior Solutions Architect, cnvrg.io

In this session we will talk about the challenges faced by organizations that would like to make AI and ML creation a main part of their strategy, and become AI-First organizations. We will talk about the steps an organization, be it small or large, need to take in order to become AI-First and how software developers, in-house, or new hires are the key to success in this transformation. We will show how cnvrg.io AI Blueprints, which were designed for software developers can turn every software developer to an ML creator without defocusing from their everyday work of apps creation. We will show how using AI Blueprints can scale the ML usage in applications. We will end with a real-life example of usage of an AI Blueprint in production-quality in minutes.