Pavel Elkind, MLOps team lead, Wargaming

Data Science team at Wargaming is perhaps one of the first users of cnvrg.io. Back in 2019, SAS had been the main production environment at Wargaming for several years, but it was time for us to decide whether to prolong the (quite costly) contract with SAS or to look for an alternative. Luckily, we came across cnvrg.io at the right time at the right place. We ran an extended 1-year-long proof-of-concept project with cnvrg.io while still having SAS as the main environment. Even half the way through the project, it was already evident that cnvrg.io is a much better option for us. So, since late 2020, cnvrg.io has been the main Data Science platform at Wargaming.

In this talk, I will share our experience in switching from SAS to cnvrg.io and enabling access to ML and AI (through cnvrg.io) wider in the organization, way beyond the initial Data Science team, with the current user base of 70+ users including Data Analysts, Data Engineers and, of course, Data Scientists.