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Sagemaker Vs Databricks​

Compare features, pricing, services and more

Sagemaker, Databricks and are popular machine learning platforms. This chart gives a side-by-side look at how they stack up against each other. You can use this chart to compare Sagemaker and Databricks to see if they have all the tools and solutions your data scientists need to scale and accelerate your entire machine learning pipeline.


Sagemaker, Databricks and are popular platforms. Here’s a side-by-side look at how they stack up against each other




Cloud Agnostic

Supports On-Premise Compute

Hybrid Cloud

Container Based Platform

End-To-End Solution

Notebooks (Jupyter/Rstudio)

Scalable Deployment With Kubernetes

Continual Learning

Language Agnostic

Collaboration and Management

30+ Data Sources

Rest API


Why is different?

Automated Model Containerization

Automated Model Containerization

Open container-based platform offers flexibility and control to use any image or tool


Scalability grows with your organization, to help you deliver more models, easily adopt more compute and the industries latest tools and frameworks

Hybrid Cloud and On Premise

Hybrid Cloud and On Premise

Whether your infrastructure is designed for on-prem, multi-cloud, or both, works across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, as well as on-premise options

Open & Flexible

Open & Flexible

Quickly unify all your teams favorite ML tools, frameworks and resources with no vendor lock-in

Model Reproducibility

Model Reproducibility

Easily reproduce results with fully version ML pipelines, datasets and a library of reusable ML components

Resource Management

Resource Management provides extensive tools for resource management to help your IT team utilize and control all compute resources


Experiment at scale

Experiment at scale

Spend more time on data science and less time on technical complexity so you can deliver more high impact models

  • Reproducible ML Pipelines
  • Automatic End to End Version Control
  • Tool, Language and Framework Agnostic


Deliver more value for less

Streamline the ML workflow and increase your team’s productivity, so they can deliver high impact and peak performing models that drive value

  • Production-ready Pipelines
  • Enhanced Governance 
  • AI Ready Infrastructure


Accelerate time to production

Deliver more models to production with a scalable and secure AI ready infrastructure out of the box

  • Simple Cluster Orchestration
  • Canary Deployment and CI/CD Capabilities
  • One Click Model Deployments

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