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Welcome to’s developers site is a platform designed to help developers and data scientists to easily run AI workloads on any compute. In this site, you will find content, guides, tools and the support needed to get your workloads running on the platform


Read about the different elements of platform including CLI, SDK, and more


Follow a full platform workshop and become a expert


Follow step-by-step tutorials of building and deploying models in

How to videos

How to Videos : Learn about platform at your own pace with recorded videos


MLOps Dashboard

A walkthrough of "cnvrg Jobs" and the dashboard to track and monitor running activities


Launch a fully configured IDE (Jupyter, VSCode, R) with any container on any compute

Flows & Pipelines

Build an ML pipeline where each step can run with a different container on a different compute

Serve Models

Deploy a model as an HTTP/Batch/Kafka endpoints and monitor all input and output

How to Videos demo

Launching a workspace