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End-to-end AI OS with and Dell Technologies

Efficiently deliver advance AI applications with the and Dell Technologies joint solutions

Accelerating ML/AI workloads by a dataset caching tier and Dell Technologies have partners to deliver a new ML architecture that accelerates ML/AL workloads with a Kubernetes based dataset caching, version control, querying and more. Learn more in our solution guide

Delivering MLOps in the Dell Autonomous Driving Reference Architecture delivers the unique capabilities required for ADAS development. Our focus on seamless CI/CD integration, dataset caching and hybrid computation capabilities (cloud, on-prem and edge) makes an ideal solution for developing new AD/ADAS features. With, Dell Technologies customers can reach production faster while data scientists can drastically improve productivity. Learn more in our solution guide.

“Dell’s Autonomous Drive Ecosystem has been developed to deliver a state-of-the-art reference architecture for our customers to create top of the line AI features. We’re confident in’s capabilities to deliver the MLOps solutions within our ecosystem for a complete end-to-end tool kit.” Florian Baumann, CTO of Automotive & AI at Dell Technologies
Florian Baumann
CTO of Automotive & AI at Dell Technologies

MLOps for the Autonomous Drive Workflow with Dell Technologies