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Developer-Friendly AI

AI Blueprints are self service, pre-built, open-source ML pipelines that can be quickly integrated with any application

We are pleased to announce that the public preview of AI Blueprints is now available.

AI Blueprints are pre-assembled ML pipelines for a variety of business use cases. With AI Blueprints, software developers are now first-class citizens in machine learning.

Point-and-click simplicity

Go from data to predictions in minutes, not months, with dozens of pre-built pipelines

ML expertise packaged for developers

Develop ML-powered applications without coding models, training, or managing deployments

Customizable for your needs

Optimize, retrain, and deploy on premises or in clouds with Metacloud

AI Blueprints are for software developers who want to easily apply machine learning to popular industry use cases. Developers can deploy a Blueprint off-the-shelf, or customize it as they need.

How does it work?

Choose. Point. Click.

In addition to a library of Blueprints, we’ve also included ready-made connectors for working with common data sources in the cloud and on-premises. Just choose the Blueprint and the data source that you want, and start getting value in minutes instead of months.

Pre-packaged ML expertise

You don’t have to be or rely on an expert in machine learning to get value from AI Blueprints. data science and ML engineering experts have done all of the work for you. You also don’t have to wait for IT to provision clusters and resources – just a few clicks and you’re all set for running on premises or on popular clouds.

Easily customizable

Sometimes you may want to customize a Blueprint for your specific needs. Blueprints are based on the Metacloud MLOps platform. Metacloud is a place where your whole team can easily collaborate to train and deploy customized Blueprints at scale, even changing hardware and deployment patterns with cloud-native ease.

A comprehensive library of Blueprints and components

ncluded in AI Blueprints is a comprehensive library of data connectors, pre-built ML pipelines and cnvrg ready-to-use blueprints. In addition to’s own ML pipelines, you can build your own, and customize existing ones to meet an ever-expanding number of use cases. Use data from your own storage such as S3 bucket and Azure blob storage, or from your business Twitter account, Wikipedia or Salesforce. Run it through any of our AI Blueprints and get immediate results.

Who is AI Blueprints for?


Add AI to your toolbox with AI Blueprints. You can use a Blueprint as a customizable template for extended use cases. More advanced developers can create inferences-as-a-service via REST APIs, TensorServing, Kafka Streams, and RabbitMQ endpoints.

Data Scientists and ML Engineers

AI Blueprints provide a convenient way for data scientists to containerize and distribute their own models for use by others in the enterprise. Meanwhile, devops and ML engineers can monitor and manage resource health, consumption, and performance with Grafana and Kibana dashboards

Key Features data science and ML engineering expertise packaged for developers
Developers can easily use Blueprints inferencing in their ML-driven applications
Deploy Blueprints on-premises or in popular clouds
Use Metacloud to customize Blueprints with our defaults, or select the compute hardware you need: CPUs, GPUs, accelerators, TPUs, and more
Mix and match Blueprints to create your own for custom use cases