Aniket Patange, Head of AI and Innovation at Hitachi

Retail, Campuses, Manufacturing, Transportation, Airports, Public Areas, Critical Facility & Physical Security are the building blocks for Smart Cities. 3D Lidar is an ideal solution for gathering business, operational and safety insights, and alerts in a variety of environments, without capturing private information. They help all areas and organizations become safer and more effective so they can thrive.

With 3D Lidar, organizations and cities can gain detailed insights and utilize data-driven solutions to:
* Keep traffic flowing and transit safe, with integrated video, data, and alerts.
* Protect students on campus while achieving operational excellence.
* Provide downtown area insights on foot traffic, parking, traffic mix, and more.
* Drive more retail success with business intelligence and insights for a thriving economy.

Hitachi leverages IoT, video, lidar and data management solutions that help our customers reach the outcomes they seek.