Deepak Pai, Senior Manager of Machine Learning at Adobe

Content is at the heart of what Adobe does. While most of this content gets used in marketing, its richness in marketing AI applications is relatively less explored. To bridge this gap, Adobe’s Digital Experience business embarked on a journey in building a suite of AI services, called Content and Commerce AI. At a high level, these services are aimed at extracting intelligence from content, either text or images. While one could extract key phrases, entities, sentiment among other things from text, label them per customer defined taxonomy, and more. Likewise, one could extract color profile, objects, faces, text from images, classify them per customer taxonomy, and more.

Such metadata could then be leveraged to improve document search, recommendations, building visitor interest model among other applications. In this talk I will talk about various services that are built as part of Content and Commerce AI, including text services such as key phrase, entity and concept extraction, relevance ranking, text classification, image services such as color extraction, image classification, OCR, face detection and recognition, conditional generative models for image generation.

Finally as a overarching theme, I will talk about the problem of building AI models as a service for enterprise customers. This will be a beginner level talk where I will introduce the audience to the use-case and problems, with a brief mention of our solution approach. The audience will get to understand the problem space at a high level and possibilities that such solutions can open up. They could use this learning to apply the same in their respective organizations or leverage Adobe solutions for the same.