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Operationalizing AI/ML for the enterprise with and OpenShift Joint MLOps solution

Red Hat OpenShift Solution

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Red Hat OpenShift, the leading hybrid cloud, enterprise Kubernetes application platform allows data scientists to launch flexible, container-based jobs and pipelines, as well as enabling infrastructure teams to manage and monitor ML workloads in a single managed and cloud-native environment.

As a Red Hat Certified Operator, then enables data scientists to rapidly launch ML workloads on remote clusters without tinkering with infrastructure or complicated configuration.

For infrastructure teams, provides the ability to manage all ML compute resources in a unified and secure environment with advanced monitoring and administration capabilities built in.

About and Red Hat

Save time on DevOps with MLOps on Openshift

The OpenShift and integrated solution provides one command center for all ML/AI infrastructure, from research to deployment. Openshift serves as the control plane for the infrastructure while provides the command center for all machine learning assets, model management and production ML. OpenShift helps to provide agility, flexibility, portability and scalability across the hybrid cloud, from cloud infrastructure to edge computing deployments.

Save time on DevOps with MLOps on Openshift
"The AI infrastructure ecosystem is growing rapidly. We’re collaborating with as part of our OperatorHub to help provide an end-to-end MLOps solution that data scientists, IT and DevOps engineers need to effectively manage, build and deploy machine learning at the enterprise level, is a great choice for OpenShift and GPU’s to run ML workloads, and enables enhanced collaboration between data scientists and engineers for accelerated ML deployment across hybrid cloud.”
Tushar Katarki
Tushar Katarki
Product Manager, Red Hat OpenShift

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