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Scaling AI across industries

Accelerating any AI development, from churn prediction to autonomous driving



Use data science to mitigate risk wherever possible with more accurate claims prediction and fraud assessment and personalize insurance offers, policies, pricing, and recommendations


Increase the accuracy of diagnostics, apply machine learning to predict patient outcomes, and train machines to recognize and measure symptoms


An open source library and framework used by data scientists to design, build, and train deep learning models and large-scale machine learning

Financial Services ‚Äč

Install AI models that continuously enhance customer predictions or financial markets to mitigate risk like never before - using both historical and real-time data


Build smarter vehicles that can predict traffic movement patterns, peak fuel usage, driving behavior, vehicle component wear and can even drive autonomously


Use data science to predict player behavior and monetize at key gameplay moments, predict churn of players so your game can better retain and acquire new users


Utilize real-time audience behavior data to personalize advertisements and use AI models to predict optimum audience conversion and recommendation engines


Make precision medicine a reality. Use data science to accelerate the production of personalized medicines and minimize the cost of clinical trials


Optimize the point of sale through to the product delivery. Utilize the wealth of online data and AI to predict customer behavior and personalize customer experience

Aerospace And Defense

Put machine learning at the front lines of defense with optimal intelligence. Build ML models to improve intelligence and predictions, computer vision for heightened surveillance, or ML applications for state-of-the-art technology