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DGX Integration Solution

Simplify, Accelerate and Scale
End-to-End AI development and NVIDIA DGX Data Science Solution

More than 80% of ML models don’t make it to production due to engineering heavy tasks like data verification, monitoring, configuration, compute resource management, serving infrastructure and feature extraction. The platform, running on NVIDIA DGX Systems, provides data scientists with accelerated data science project execution from research to production. All tools for building, managing, experimenting, tracking, versioning and deploying models are available with one-click.

Improve accessibility and utilization of AI infrastructure



Launch any NGC container to your pipeline in one click. will configure, schedule, install and run on any infrastructure.



Utilize 100% of your GPU’s with tools for advanced meta-scheduling, collaboration and model sharing.



Flexibility to build custom code-frist models. The container-based platform offers control to use any image, tool or framework.

Focus on productivity and user experience ​ offers data scientists execution of a complete pipeline on DGX systems without any need to understand the infrastructure, DevOps semantics or any resource conflicts or dependencies. Industry known tools and GUI are used for each stage of the pipeline, optimizing the data scientists’ experience and eliminating the learning curve for new tools/GUI. and NVIDIA DGX Data Science Solution​ ML architecture

Gain large scale coordination, GPU
consumption, and scheduling at scale.