Machine Learning Model Deployment

Deploy any model in one click

  • Instantly deploy any ML model on any Kubernetes cluster whether it be Tensorflow, Keras, sklearn, R and more with one click
  • Choose to deploy machine learning model to production for batch predictions or real time predictions 
  • Connect via flexible interfaces including SDK and REST API for deploying models
Machine Learning Model Deployment

Monitoring, alerts and Continual Machine Learning

  • Enhance performance of machine learning in production with custom alerts detecting model decay, bad input, model drift and more. 
  • Set triggers to automatically retrain and update your model with natively integrated continual learning 
  • Automatically manage the upkeep of your service with zero downtime
Machine Learning in Production

Model management in production

  • Monitor and track predictions, ML health and system health using production-grade environment
  • Safely deploy new machine learning model version to production with integrated canary-release mechanism 
  • Experiment with multiple models and advanced A/B testing capabilities
  • Easily export prediction data for continuous research