Scalable AI-Ready Infrastructure for the Enterprise

The hybrid-cloud solution with out of the box AIOps, MLOps and DataOps

Hybrid & Multi Cloud​

Effortlessly integrate, unify, manage, and scale your AI fabric AI Infrastructure provides a hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud unified fabric for scalable and secure AI development. The AI ready infrastructure delivers best practices architecture to IT teams with container-based workflows, native Kubernetes and easily blends into existing IT ecosystems.

Maximize compute utilization with advanced resource management

  • Unify multiple servers, Kubernetes clusters, Spark clusters to a single AI Control Plane
  • Optimize GPUs in partnerships with NVIDIA, RedHat, Dell EMC, and NetApp
  • Monitor entire ML infrastructure for better resource management for IT teams
  • Manage Kubernetes for advanced job scheduling of ML jobs
  • Expand your compute resources with no need to vendor-lock

Scale machine learning with container-based workflows

  • Equip IT teams with a foundation for agile ML infrastructure out of the box
  • Support for Hybrid cloud/Multi-cloud resource management
  • Execute ML workloads more efficiently with containers and native Kubernetes – no dependencies required
  • Integrate easily with any existing data storage, compute and architecture solutions
  • Launch any NGC container to your pipeline in one click and automatically configure, schedule, install and run on any infrastructure

Improve productivity with one-click MLOps, AIOps and DataOps

  • Empower data science teams with self-service DevOps for the ML workflow
  • Reduce friction and align data science, IT and engineering teams 
  • Improve AI governance with advanced end-to-end tracking and monitoring capabilities 
  • Deploy models in one click to REST API, Batch or in real time with Kafka Streams

Join the innovative enterprises using to build, train & deploy their models faster.

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