AI Library

Build a custom ML package manager

  • Grow a repository of machine learning components pre-configured for frictionless integration
  • Standardize AI library components with code, compute and a docker image for one click configuration
  • Use intuitive and flexible interface for one click configuration with SDK/CLI or UI
  • Automatically track all input parameters and metrics of any component run from the AI library
AL Library

Share and re-use ML components

  • Collaborate on projects with a centralized repository of reusable ML components
  • Democratize data science in your organization with pre-built ML models and algorithms
  • Leverage open-source and internal algorithms to insert into any pipeline with one click¬†
Track Machine Learning Experiments

State-of-the-art built in algorithms

  • Access dozens of exclusive pre-built models, recipes and components only available in
  • Utilize out-of-the-box advanced algorithms built by data science experts¬†
  • Choose from deep learning, computer vision, NLP, data visualizations, preprocessing, large-scale analytics and more
  • Openly adjust, modify or download all recipes to your needs with fully open source components