Omdia MLOps Report

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Fundamentals of MLOps

Leading Omdia analysts evaluate enterprise MLOps solutions, best practices, and frameworks

Omdia experts released a comprehensive report evaluating the state of enterprise MLOps to help enterprise AI practitioners make the right decisions to become truly AI-driven. Analysts survey 365 enterprises and give their assessment of enterprise AI, and an in depth overview of the emerging technology and solutions today. With this report, decision makers will understand the fundamentals of MLOps and how to operationalize and scale AI across the enterprise. 

What’s inside?

  • Survey of 365 enterprises on AI Market Maturity
  • Evaluation of MLOps solutions
  • Recommendations for buyers
  • Key challenges of building successful AI outcomes in the enterprise
  • MLOps principles and practices
  • Key features and requirements of MLOps platforms
  • Best management structure for enterprise AI
  • Future predictions for MLOps solutions



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