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“Online Conferences feel like the norm now, and mlcon felt like they’ve been doing this for years. Good work!”
Marios Rotsides, Lead data scientist,
“mlcon gave us the opportunity to come together and celebrate the world of machine learning. Learning, Networking, Discussing.. You could do it all!”
Ajay Purushothaman Thundathil, Data Scientist,
“mlcon 2021 proved to be a great networking opportunity for data savants and contributed to a brighter technical future in machine learning”
Blake Feiza, Data Scientist,

First mlcon?

Here are some FAQ's

Is there a cost to attend mlcon?
mlcon is a free virtual community event for AI and ML developers. We want this to be free and accessible for the community to discuss your ML projects and collaborate on applied AI.
Who organizes mlcon?
mlcon is organized by, a full stack machine learning operating system built by developers, for developers to give teams everything they need to manage, build and deploy AI on any infrastructure whether on premise or cloud. Learn more at
Who is mlcon for?
mlcon is best for individuals and teams interested in implementing AI into their workflow. There are sessions for all levels and expertise, whether you are an expert or beginner data scientist, executive, ML/data engineer, software developer, analyst and more! We have sessions that will cover all industries and various applications of AI from novice to expert.
Will sessions be available after the conference is over?
Yes. All sessions will be recorded and available on our website soon after the conference is over.
I’m having trouble watching the livestream. What should I do?
We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox as the preferred browser for a seamless viewing experience.
How can I reach the conference organizers?
Please email and our team will be in touch with you shortly.