Srayanta Mukherjee, Director Data Science at Novartis

The establishment of “Enterprise Knowledge Graphs” have been steadily on the rise. Despite many precedents, the pharmaceutical industry in general has been lethargic towards the implementation of such knowledge bases, even though the promise of it has been quite tantalizing. The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry generates massive amounts of data, yet they are often siloed, thus preventing the utilization of their inherent connectedness towards providing more holistic information for caregivers and ultimately providing better quality of life for patients.

Here, we discuss a strategy for building a insight generation engine and a semantic enterprise scale knowledge graph, and the utilization of these to radically transform the messaging of the pharmaceutical brands. Exploiting the relationship between the various data sources, the content that defines a drug “brand” can be dynamically generated to better inform patients and caregivers about which part of their unmet needs are better served by the brand in question. By utilising the power of power of personalised messaging, the overall aim is to ensure the application of right treatment paradigms at the right time to improve disease prognosis and thus providing improved quality of life.