Open Nav Collaborates with Lenovo on End to End AI Solution for Scalable MLOps and AI training Collaborates with Lenovo on End to End AI Solution for Scalable MLOps and AI training

Unified solution with MLOps software and Lenovo ThinkSystem AI-Ready Servers

We’re happy to announce a new collaboration with Lenovo that delivers a unified AI platform with MLOps software and Lenovo ThinkSystem AI-Ready Servers. bundled with Lenovo ThinkSystem AI-Ready servers creates a managed, coordinated and easy solution to consume machine learning (ML) infrastructure. The integrated solution delivers a proven enterprise-grade ML lifecycle platform that increases data science productivity, accelerates AI workflows, and improves accessibility and utilization of AI infrastructure.

Despite extraordinary advancements in the field, Machine Learning and Deep Learning have seen slow adoption in the enterprise. It’s reported that nearly 80% of enterprises fail to scale AI deployments across the organization. Data scientists are forced to spend more than half of their time on non-data science tasks and managing disconnected infrastructures. Deploying and maintaining ML solutions at scale demands a unified MLOps platform to operationalize the full ML lifecycle from research to production. and Lenovo AI-ready servers deliver a unified hardware and software solution for Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) MLOps.

The platform, running on Lenovo ThinkSystem AI-Ready servers provides data scientists with a unified environment to build, deploy and manage ML and DL workloads, develop and innovate new models, and deploy and monitor models on top of the Lenovo AI purpose built solutions. supports data scientists at every stage of the AI lifecycle, delivering solutions to enhance research through to production. The collaborative solution between and Lenovo also provides a single place for IT engineers, DevOps engineers, ML engineers, data scientists and researchers to collaborate, share and achieve AI-driven results. With and Lenovo, data scientists can build dynamic end-to-end ML/DL solutions on heterogeneous compute by running different tasks on maximized CPU and GPUs.

The and Lenovo unified AI solution is leading enterprise AI by delivering a scalable MLOps solution on Lenovo ThinkSystem AI-ready servers. The solution is built to enable frictionless enterprise AI with:

  • Optimizes Server Utilization
  • Improves Collaboration & Project Visibility
  • Maximizes Data Science Productivity
  • Decreases IT Technical Cost
  • Seamlessly Integrates to Existing Infrastructure & Simple UI
  • Comes Enterprise-Ready Out-of-the-Box
  • Accelerates Development & Deployments
  • Enables Resource Management & Visibility

The data science platform is tested and optimized to run on Lenovo ThinkSystem AI-Ready servers; both CPU based and GPU based platforms are supported. 

To learn more you can reference the solution brief:

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