Open Nav Joins NVIDIA DGX-Ready Partner Program to Simplify, Accelerate and Scale End-to-End AI Development

Over the last few months, has collaborated with NVIDIA to deliver enterprise-grade solutions to simplify and speed deep learning and machine learning development workflows. The end-to-end data science platform has been certified for use with  NVIDIA DGX deployments, offering improved data science productivity, accelerated AI workflows, and improved accessibility and utilization of DGX clusters.’s solution enhances DGX clusters and acts as a distributed AI operating system for NVIDIA platforms. The aim is to unleash the full potential of your DGX AI infrastructure.

NVIDIA’s DGX-Ready Software Program

NVIDIA DGX systems provide an enterprise-grade AI infrastructure solution that eliminates design complexity, accelerates deployments and simplifies ongoing operations. To realize the full potential of DGX systems, NVIDIA and its ecosystem of technology partners have delivered a portfolio of validated ISV solutions that enhance DGX deployments and operational efficiency, enabling enterprise IT to support the full lifecycle of AI development. as an enterprise-grade solution is an AI OS, transforming the way enterprises manage, scale and accelerate AI and data science development from research to production. The end-to-end enterprise data science platform simplifies model management with advanced MLOps and continual machine learning automation. As part of NVIDIA’s DGX-Ready Software program, now offers DGX users a full-stack platform to unleash maximum automation, utilization, productivity and sharing. is an end-to-end solution helping teams utilize all their resources both on premises and in the cloud.


    • One-click MLOps – reduces time spent on complex DevOps tasks with automated configuration, data management, versioning and deployment
    • Run 100s of Experiments – run, monitor and compare hundreds of experiments in parallel with hyperparameter optimization
    • Multi-cloud & Hybrid-cloud – Optimize resources with meta-scheduling capabilities automatically leverage DGX Stations, DGX-1 and DGX-2 systems, K8 clusters, and cloud infrastructure 
    • Centralized Data Hub – Manage all data in a single place with data version control, and auto-caching of frequently used datasets for fast model training
    • One click to any AI framework – Launch any ML or DL framework on any compute resource with native integration to NGC, NVIDIA’s catalog of GPU-optimized software containers 
    • Reproducible ML – Reproduce results with a fully trackable, unified, end-to-end monitoring system and build a database of reusable ML components
NVIDIA DGX-Ready Software Solution

Access for free from NGC and deploy the container on your own environment whether on premises or off. Go here to get started.  

Interested in seeing more? Book a demo to see it live or get started with CORE community platform. 

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