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Open Compute ​

Unify and utilize all your cloud and on premise compute resources for machine learning in one place

Open Compute - MLOps Platform

Connect any compute resource

  • Expand your compute resources with no need to vendor-lock
  • Dynamically connect any compute resources you have available
  • Scale ML across any resource, from AWS, GCP, Azure, or with your own on-premise comput
Compute Resource Management
Compute Resource Management

Advanced resource management and MLOps

  • Manage multiple compute resources and user permissions in one place
  • Prioritize jobs with advanced queuing capabilities, and monitor use of resources
  • Give engineers control over environment dependencies with custom Docker images
  • Allow data scientists autonomy to research, develop and deploy in controlled environment
Compute Resource Management

Native support to existing resource management tools in your IT ecosystem

  • Easily integrate to your existing solutions with fully container-based machine learning 
  • Connect multiple Kubernetes clusters to with native Kubernetes support
  • Built in support to Spark, Hadoop and big-data clusters as resource managers as well
  • Fully extensible for flexible connection to other resource management tools
Compute Resource Management