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Dataset Management

Effectively leverage and control datasets in one centralized version control system

Dataset Management

Connect & share any data source

  • Intuitively connect all your data sources and create datasets via Web, CLI or cloud storage of your choice
  • Access all your data securely from any cloud storage location with native integration to S3, Snowflake and many more
  • Connect and track endless datasets no matter the file size with storage agnostic capabilities 
Unify & manage all your data science in one place
Version control system for machine learning ​

Version control system for machine learning

  • Gain a centralized version control system for code version control and source version control with automatic dataset labeling and tagging
  • Automatically track any action with commits at every stage and easily browse and select desired versions
  • Reuse any dataset in for any project, experiment or notebook for easy reproducibility
Version control system for machine learning ​

Store metadata

  • Centralize and store metadata for any object with out-of-the-box object tagging support
  • Easily create custom queries and subsets for your original dataset with a few simple commands
  • Automatically filter your dataset no matter the data format with highly advanced queries
Store metadata​
Data for Machine Learning

Data for Machine Learning

  • Instantly compatible data lets you quickly upload data for immediate use in workspaces or experiments 
  • Conveniently associate data to your models in production for seamless ML reproducibility
  • Advance data capabilities in ML workflows with native continual learning and human-in-the-loop add ons
  • Replace 3rd party dataset management software with end-to-end dataset management for machine learning workflows
Data for Machine Learning