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Communicate machine learning to business leaders with Voilà and Jupyter

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Communication between data scientists and business leaders continues to be one of the greatest disconnects of machine learning development at the enterprise level. There’s nothing worse than having to explain your progress on the “exploratory phase” to the business stakeholders of your company. You’re likely to be bombarded with questions about KPI’s and ROI long before any real results are at a presentable stage. But, there are ways to communicate results and findings that will prove to your business colleagues that this machine learning project is worth the investment. Now, this isn’t going to be a post about how to talk business. We’re going to give you a practical tool that will help you better communicate and share results with business stakeholders.

And Voilà!

To truly make an end-to-end data science platform, there must be a solution for communicating data science results to business users, product managers, stakeholders and domain experts. To do so, enables data scientists to publish dashboards with RShiny, Dash and more. While no data science solution is that simple, there is a tool that does a great job of offering a simple solution to a complex problem. and….Voilà!

That’s right. Properly named, Voilà, is excited to launch it’s native integration with Voilà. is the first data science platform to support publishing Jupyter notebooks as dashboards and applications. With Voilà integration, data scientists are one click away from publishing Jupyter notebooks to standalone applications and dashboards. As you know, Jupyter notebook is a great tool for development and exploration. Now data science results can be published to the team in one click. Data scientists can build interactive dashboards to help business users understand data, models, and more.

Build a dashboard with Voilà

Voilà turns Jupyter notebooks into standalone web applications. Not only does it create visual graphs to make reporting easier, it also democratizes Jupyter notebooks for non technical users. With Voilà, every notebook can be turned into a Voilà app. Better yet you can create a customized dashboard with results of your machine learning project. Voilà supports Jupyter interactive widgets, including roundtrips to the kernel. It improves the conciseness by not permitting arbitrary code execution by consumers of dashboards. Other benefits of Voilà are that it is built upon Jupyter standard protocols and file formats, and works with any Jupyter kernel (C++, Python, Julia). This makes Voilà a language-agnostic dashboarding system. On top of everything, Voilà is extensible and includes a flexible template system to produce rich application layouts. That means you can easily customize your dashboard based on the Jupyter notebook being deployed.

Bring on the next business meeting

Never go into a business meeting unprepared again. The next time you’re called in to present progress on your machine learning project, you’ll be ready with an impressive presentation of results. You can go to and simply use Voilà to deploy your Jupyter notebook, RShiny for your R code, or a Dash for Python plotly — and share a dashboard that is both visual and understandable by any stakeholder you’re reporting to.

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