Open Nav Wins AI Breakthrough Award for Best Machine Learning Company

AI Award

It has been a thrilling year at, and winning the AI Breakthrough award for Best Machine Learning Company is the cherry on top. Standing out from nearly 2,850 nominations from over 17 different countries throughout the world, has been selected as the top vendor, and for good reason. 

Our company has been granted “Best Machine Learning Company” in recognition of our commitment to actualize the AI-driven enterprise. was designed with the purpose to provide data scientists and developers everything they need to build and deploy machine learning models. also enables operating AI in a complex hybrid cloud and heterogeneous compute based environment – providing full flexibility to IT to scale their infrastructure to their requirements. From advanced MLOps automated pipelines to granular resource management, brings top of the line technology to data science and IT teams so they can spend less time on technical complexity. This year has been a breakthrough year for more than ever before.

This year has emerged as a recommended platform in the MLOps landscape named by leading analysts, influencers, and partners. Its focus on orchestration and resource management has made it a desired software partner for leading hardware solutions like Lenovo, Dell Technologies, NVIDIA,NetApp, RedHat, IBM, Supermicro and more. continues to be recognized for its unique offering, delivering an end to end solution with everything a data scientist needs to build and deploy models, with advanced ML CI/CD pipelines that can operate seamlessly in a complex hybrid cloud and heterogeneous compute infrastructure. Operations and infrastructure teams see a huge advantage using for their resource management, and have seen a major increase in utilization for hybrid cloud environments. In an increasingly competitive AI landscape, enterprises must equip themselves with an agnostic, scalable, and up to date solution. has skyrocketed to be one of the most innovative and well rounded machine learning platforms in the market. 

Being recognized as the ‘Best Machine Learning Company’ by the AI Breakthrough awards is just the tip of the iceberg for Find out why is standing out as a leading machine learning company in our customer use cases  or a live demo


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